How To Light Your Bathroom

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Are you looking for a way to add that special spark to your bathroom and you don’t know how to do it? Bathrooms are one of the most important spaces in your home because after a long day, you can relax by taking a warm shower or it is just space where you can relax and enjoy. One of the ways to get your bathroom look more like a sanctuary is to add some lights. Adding lights can totally change the look of the space. But when it comes to adding the lights it is important that you do it right, and that is why this article was written. I will be sharing some usable tips how to be successful with adding the lights and what you need to be careful about. If you would like to know more, you are more than welcome to join us on this journey.


What actually task lighting is? Task lights are usually put somewhere where you definitely need a good light because they are supposed to be the brightest of them all. If you don’t have backlit vanity mirror then put lights near the mirror because they are made for lighting up your morning routine. Like we have said they are usually put near the mirror because it is important that they are installed somewhere where you will need the light to be the best.

When we say that they are the brightest of all the lights in the space we don’t mean they need to be harsh, the light of task lights is supposed to be softened and dimmed so when you are tired in the morning that it doesn’t blind your sight too much. They are bright enough, don’t worry, but they are still a little bit dimmed to be more friendly to your eyes.

When it comes to task lighting, there are some different options available when it comes to wattage too. You can get a normal bulb with 70-100 watt range or you can simply get a LED light, which is more environmentally friendly and burns less energy and they are in the 20-25 watt range.


The next also fascinating option is the accent lighting and as the name says they are usually used for lighting up some particular area, object or subject. They are usually used in art galleries to light up the artifacts and artistic works. But they are not only used in galleries, but they can also be used in your home as lights in the stairway to keep the stairs visible, they are also used in theaters or at night beside the walkways or gardens.

Because here we are dealing with small beams of light, they are great for creating a mood, so they are more and more used inside homes too. In your home you can choose from different options like track lighting, picture lights, under-cabinet lights, LED tape lights, etc. All those options will help you to create a great mood in the space.


This is also a special kind of lighting you can put in your bathroom, and it is not usually made to light up your ‘’workspace’’ and your morning routine in the morning. They are made just to add that spark to space, and as the name says, they are usually there as decoration. They are used for lighting up space too, but their prime task is to make the space more beautiful and unique.

And what are the most popular decorative lights? Chandeliers of course! If you incorporate a chandelier into your space, you will be able to see how different it looks and space will just brighten up! Because there are so many different options (colors, shapes, sizes…), you will be able to find the perfect chandelier for your taste and space without any problem.

They are made for making your space more glorious and luxurious, but you must also be careful with some facts. If your space is in a square shape the best option is to have a single pendant or chandelier in the center of the space or your space will look too crowded. And if your bathroom is longer and not in a square shape but more a rectangular, you can think about getting a trio of chandeliers.

Decorative lights are great if you are looking for a way to get your space a special mood because you can choose lights that can dim out and you will be able to achieve a relaxing and romantic feeling. For adding up the cherry, you can light up some candles, and the mood is on!


Last but not the least are ambient lights which are great for spaces where you don’t need that harsh lights, but you would like to get some comfortable level of brightness. They were designed to be mounted to the ceiling, and because they are mounted on the top, they provide light for the whole space. They are made for creating that special romantic, dimmed out feeling where you still light up space but the brightness is at a lower level. They can be bought in different options from chandeliers, pendants, ceiling lights or even wall fixtures.

Now you are familiar with various options of lighting up your space, and I am sure you didn’t even know how many choices you have. Just make sure that you think everything trough and you make sure you know what kind of lights you need and what your requirements for lights are and then it is just time to make some shopping.

Ensure that you have your space shape and size in your mind all the time because if you have a bigger bathroom, that means only one piece of lighting probably won’t be enough to light up the whole space. If you read the article, you now know which kind of lighting you need to purchase to achieve certain looks and when you have all figured out just go get your dream lighting. There are no limits!