How To Remove Floor Tiles Neatly?

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Removing or replacing a tile can be a tough job. Without the proper guidance one can mess the entire job. Follow the below step by step guide to fix the tiles yourself.

Step 1: Using a scraper joint or a sharp knife, scrape slowly on the joints of the tile you want to remove. Deepen as much as you can by making the necessary passes.

If the floor is outside and has a very hard and wide joint, you can pass a radial through the joint to work faster. In the same way, if the tile is very large you can make passes with a radial in the diagonals of the broken tile, always being careful not to reach the ends and not damage a piece in good condition. Calculate the depth of approximately 1 cm. This will make it easier to lift the tile you are going to change. In this case, it is appropriate to work by releasing the grout from the joints and hitting from the inside of the piece to the outside using the chucks and the hub. Lift the remains equally with the hammer and the chisels.

Step 2: Strike with a punch in the center of the tile, you will see how they begin to jump pieces. It also strikes several points with the chillers. Do not forget to protect your eyes with glasses.

Step 3: Continue with the chillers and pot, now pressing underneath the tile remains.

Step 4: With the chiller or the spatula, remove the old adhesive from the floor until it is completely flat. Review as necessary, because it is fundamental so that there are no differences in support of the new tile.

Step 5: Remove the remnants of the tile and old glue. Be very careful to always do it with gloves as the pieces can be very sharp.

Step 6: Do not forget to brush the joints of the tiles with a spatula to remove any remaining paste that may have remained.

Step 7: Prepare the cement glue and apply with the notched trowel in the tile gap. Make several crossed passes until you cover the entire gap with the adhesive at the same height.

Step 8: To strengthen the joint, spread a few puffs of paste in the base of the tile. Also extend it with the notched trowel.

It is important that you acquire the type of paste suitable for placing the tile. Always apply the most appropriate, depending on the type of ceramic floor you use, whether it is porcelain or stoneware and depending on the type of support of the pieces with red or white paste. Also keep in mind if the tile is inside or outside, as you have to take into account the resistance to water and moisture.

Step 9: Place the tile in place and press with both hands making small strokes until it is in the same plane as the rest.

Step 10: With the rubber mallet you can give small strokes to finish adjusting and leveling. Check that it is flush with the rest using a level or ribbon.

Step 11: So that the joints are all the same, place on each side cross-pieces of the width of the rest of the joints. Allow the manufacturer’s recommended time to dry before grouting.

Step 12: Prepare and spread the paste of joints of the chosen color with the help of a rubber trowel. Press so that it penetrates well throughout the entire joint. Remove the excess with the trowel itself.

Step 13: Allow the manufacturer’s recommended time to dry and wipe the grout debris with a damp, non-abrasive sponge.

If somehow you find it difficult to remove or replace the tiles by yourself, you can consult a professional wall and floor tiler for a tidy job.