5 Ways to DIY Organization with Pallets

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Do you often find yourself in a mess of unorganized chaos? Then it’s time to try some of these DIY Pallet Organization projects. Wood pallets are becoming more and more popular due to the ease it takes to acquire one and because of how versatile they are with the many forms they can take.

Maybe one of these will help bring a little more organization into your life.

  1. Garage Organization

Garages seem to collect all kinds of junk, and a lot of the time we don’t even know where it came from. Create an atmosphere of organization in your garage with this organizer from Unexpected Elegance. The best part of this project is how simple it is! To class it up a little more you can paint the pallet.

  1. Wall Organization

Do you have a lot of little books or magazines that collect on the coffee table? Or maybe you just want to add some more décor to your walls. You can also use this cute wall organizer for flowers and other plants. It would be a great addition to the bathroom or entry way.

  1. Shoe and Coat Organization

Do kids’ shoes, jackets, and backpacks pile up in the entry way or on the kitchen table? Well fret no more my friend, because this pallet project will save you. Place this project in the hall or entryway where guests and kids have easy access to drop their shoes and coats off as they walk in the door.

  1. Bedroom Organization

Use pallets to build this bed frame! For those who love to read at night or simply who have a lot of items and not enough shelves, this is the perfect option.

  1. Closet Organization

Need more space for your clothes? Say no more, this clothing hanger will add the extra organization you desire. This versatile project can be used in a room without a closet, in a large closet for organization, or even in an entryway for shoes and coats.