Things You Must Learn About Nutty DIY

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The NUTTY DIY provides the user with the complete lodge of information regarding the DIY tools that can be used, the home extensions and the home improvements tactics. It also gives detailed information on every tool that should be bought to make home extension and home improvements more comfortable and user-friendly. NUTTY DIY has been able to explain all this in the form of articles and detailed information; pictures are also added for clear understanding. The work of NUTTY DIY is explained below, as this website covers multiple things related to home building and wood cutting.

DIY tools

The DIY tools section has covered different articles on drilling, wood cutting, and wood routers, etc. some of the main articles of which includes

  • Why was the electric drill made?

It covers the entire history of why the electric drills were made and who was the person who first made it etc.

  • What is an Impact Drill used for?

It also covers the detailed understanding of why this drill was made and what was it used for.

  • Who makes the best drills?

It gives the reasons for having the best drills and who are the best makers for the drills. It explains some major companies like Bosch, De-Walt, Porter cable who specializes in drill making.

  • How to use a Belt Sander

It gives a detailed explanation of how to prepare the belt sander for the use, and then how to use it correctly and what are the after use steps that should be performed to keep the tool in perfect condition.

  • How to Use a Wood Router

It is a complete catalog of wood router usage. It explains the before starting steps, the secure the surface steps to save yourself from trouble, the safety conditions for wood cutting, the right router tables for wood cutting, the router bits as these are the most important for the wood router, the start shallow to prevent the wood from getting splintered, the prevention from tearing out the wood.  So this article provides a complete guide to the use of wood routers.

  • How to Use an Impact Wrench

It is another article that explains the complete guide on the use of impact wrench. What are the things that you need, the assembling of a wrench, the testing, safety measure, speed, the beforehand preparations, the right tools, the operation of power tools, everything is explained in clear details?

Home extensions

There is another section that covers the home extension area. Home extensions are very common to increase the space and are for living and use. Many different ways are now being used to make an extension to your home. Some may use direct building of an entirely new place, and some may decide to make extensions to the already available and used area. New area building is more costly, so people focus more on home extensions; it saves both the cost and the extra space. This area on NUTTY DIY provides the article on different ways of getting home extensions. It covers all the good and bad ideas performed on home extensions. What are the drawbacks and what are the benefits are also explained?

  • Smart Ways to Cut Costs On your Home Extension Project
  • Worst designs for home extensions
  • Most royal transformation through home extensions

Home improvements

This area covers the ways through which improvements can be brought to you home. Removing the unwanted growths from the ceiling, the rusting of wood, adding new colors to your home walls, the wood work everything that makes a home look better is included as home improvements.

The articles included in this area are;

  • How to Remove an Ugly Popcorn Ceiling
  • How to Make New Wood Look Old and Rustic

Also, it covers the reviews, and the complete information about the top companies making wood routers, what are the specifications and use of each wood router company is explained in detail.

Some of the top wood router companies and the wood router’s explained are;

The Festool 574689 Router OF 2200 Imperial

It is a very strong wood router, made to work on every type of wood. It is the best wood router for the professional use. For the DIY use, it might not be a good option, as it has a high price tag and the working style. It is one of the most powerful wood routers brought by Festool.


It has an affordable price and a comfortable portable design that makes it the best option for both the professional as well as personal use. It has an aluminum covered motor that works fast, the weight of the unit is 21 pounds. It is one of the most popular machines on the market.