Ethernet Cable Wiring DIAGRAM

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Not all Ethernet cable is created equally. What’s the difference, and how do you know which you should use? Let’s look at the technical and physical differences in Ethernet cable categories to help us decide.

ethernet cable buying guide are grouped into sequentially numbered categories (“cat”) based on different specifications; sometimes the category is updated with further clarification or testing standards (e.g. 5e, 6a). These categories are how we can easily know what type of cable we need for a specific application. Manufacturers are required to adhere to the standards, which makes our lives easier.

The word Ethernet has always been used when there has been a talk on about different kinds of wiring for the networking systems in the house. Ethernet is mostly used around us. We are using the internet at our home or at a local shop that is due to Ethernet. Ethernet is also known as Lan in the basic study, but Ethernet is actually a most used form of local network technology. It is a protocol which can be used for TCP/IP stack. The Ethernet is used for both layers physical and link layer.


Why is Wired Network considered as essential for present ERA?

There were times when people thought about changing the network to wireless network. Since introduction to fast wifi everywhere, society got used to the internet as a wireless domain. But society can’t survive if the network goes totally wireless as most of the personal network at offices and homes are wired to make it more secured. Although wireless networks are more fast and unique than wired one’s wired network has its own perks and advantages. The advantages or on the performance basis if the wired networks is a dedicated network for one user consider it as the best network. Since all types of activities related to the internet can be performed carefree. High-speed usage, online gaming and downloading are no problems for one dedicated user. The network would be working as good new throughout a whole load of usage.

What is Cat6 and What is Cat6 wiring diagram based on?

Cat 6 is also known as the category 6 based wires. It is a new Ethernet which recently has established its routes in the networking category. These wiring based category 6 wires are used for connecting the network together. Cat 6 wiring diagram is a detailed description of the layers in Category 6 based wiring and how it can be used differently. The diagram also explains how the category 6 cable suits best of Gigabit Ethernet. There only a few wires that can support Gigabit Ethernet and this cable is one of them. These cables have their own specifications. The wires are based on strict procedures against the crosstalk and noise that disturbs the true network potential. These procedures are best suited with strict network policies.

What are specifications of Cat6?

The Cat6 is one of the top lines of wires this wire has a performance capability of 245 and above megahertz. The cable gets the best performance when performing in 100Base-TX.  The cable has its own world inside the packaging. There are four wires inside the Cat 6 wire and as the cat6 wiring diagram explains it. The different scientist says that it is not the wire but insulating materials that are used in the manufacturing of the wire that keeps the performance of Cat6 wire high. The connectors in the wire are of high quality. They are T568A or T568B but the speed of the internet depends on how well the wire is installed. Incorrect installation can produce speed barriers.


Ethernet has been used for a while now different companies have been using internet learning and producing. Ethernet to some may be known as the source of providing the internet but actually, Ethernet is local networking technology in local area network. People may be shifting towards the wireless network now but in the past, wired technology was the only hope to deliver the mass knowledge about different possibilities to people who wanted to learn. Ethernet can be called as the slow but it is more secure than those which are wireless. Ethernet started back in 1989 for the commercial use on the large scale. Yes, the Ethernet technology was this old. Then later when the world started to standardize over the internet use the Ethernet cables became standard at the IEEE. The standard was 802.3 and it was nominated in 1983. Ethernet has always been able to use good technologies. Since we are talking about technologies. Ethernet itself is backward compatible. The first ethernet started to run at 10mb then later it was moved to 1 gigabyte per second. Ethernet was associated with a start topology in the first but later few advance made it compatible with the bus. In a star topology, it was a UTP cable, and in a bus topology, old coaxial were used.

What is RJ45 Wiring?

This is one of the good wiring categories of Ethernet. RJ45 Wiring diagram defines how to use the RJ45 at its maximum. There are different colors codes given in the diagram. Different instructions that are very crucial for the installation of the RJ45 are also used in the diagram. The main important part of the diagram that shows the crossover and straight through in the diagram are important. The RJ45 has different types of connectors than a normal Ethernet cable. The RJ45 uses 8p8c connectors. This kind of cables is often called nonshielded twisted pair of cables. Normally known as the UTP cable. There are normally many differences in the cables the normal RJ45 may look different than the from the UTP wiring. The common used are two kinds of RJ45 connectors. EIA/TIA are the most common ones. These are given some 568A and the other one is EIA/TIA 568B.

What are the advantages of Ethernet over Wireless?

Wired cable networks don’t cost the extra. The new wireless connection can mean extra equipment and bills for the users to pay and set up the fast internet. The wireless is not easy to be maintained, but there is quite an amount of knowledge the wireless network is required to handle the network. Those people who have an advanced form of network knowledge are the one that is going to be able to be successful in wireless. The wireless networks are also less secured than the wired networks. The cable format of sharing the files over the network is a lot easier than the wireless network. It is very slow in the cases of the wireless network.