Seasonal Pests in Arizona

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Living in a Arizona mean livings around many different types of pests. Depending on what season it is in Arizona, you’re going to have different pest invading your space. It’s important that you understand which ones to watch for during that time of the year, and what you should do when they make their way to your home.

Year Round Pests

I’m like many other pests, scorpions have found a great place to live in Arizona. They don’t have to worry about the weather changing to degrees that are going to affect them. Scorpions are prevalent for them majority of the year in Arizona. These type of pest can also be dangerous so you need to be sure that you were keeping an eye out for them, and calling a scorpion control company if you need help removing them from your home. We wish we can narrow down and tell you when scorpion season was, but the truth is there is no scorpion season.

Winter Pests in Arizona

There are pests that are more prevalent in the winter time in Arizona.  In many places across the United States, termites cannot flourish during the winter. However, in Arizona they have the perfect opportunity to make the most of the winter season.  Because the weather is so nice in the winter time, they do not have to worry about being able to multiply and feed during the winter. The outside temperature allows them to stay outside if needed, however they are still going to try and get inside of your house.

Summer Cockroaches

Cockroaches come in as a second most annoying pest to scorpions in Arizona. It seems like everywhere you go there are cockroaches found. Because the weather in Arizona is so ideal for many different pest, cockroaches breed and the numbers multiply rapidly during the summer months. While they are cockroaches around you year round, you are going to have so much already during the summer time due to their breeding season.

Bring the Sting

The spring months in Arizona are mostly known for their stinging pests. Insects like bees and wasps are often seen during the Spring in Arizona. These type of pest can easily be controlled, but they are also found more often than many others. It seems as though wasps nests can appear out of nowhere so quickly. You are to be sure to keep on top of these mess, so you do not have to worry about your children being stung when they are outside playing this Spring.