5 Reasons to Avoid an Unlicensed Contractor

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The need for quick home repairs can leave you searching high and low after natural disasters occur. The rash of unlicensed and uninsured contractors that show up in these disaster zones can leave you vulnerable to fraud, shoddy work, and fines. Below are five excellent reasons to avoid unlicensed contractors at all times.

Financial Risk

There are countless real stories of shady, unlicensed contractors slipping into areas that are struck by natural disaster, hoarding up down payments for conventional work, and then disappearing into the night. Not only will the job fail to get done, but you will most likely never see the money again. Hiring an unlicensed contractor is cheaper, but you can end up paying for it in the long run.

Uninsured Work

Insurance companies will not cover the costs of damages caused by hiring an unlicensed contractor to work in your home or business. Hiring an unlicensed contractor to fix a foundation problem, but creating damages that tear apart a portion of the roof will not be covered. The insurance company takes the view that an insured contractor would have known how to get the job done right.

Possible Fines

You have to follow the codes and regulations for the city or county you reside. Fixes that require permits can cost you huge fines by employing an unlicensed contractor that avoids obtaining proper permits. All work has to be done to meet specific codes for safety and conformity. An unlicensed contractor will more than likely not be familiar with current building codes or care about the technicalities of a permit

Added Expense to Bring Things Up to Code

Not only will you face fines by trying to slide in the work of an unlicensed contractor, but any of the work that does not meet building codes will have to be retrofitted to comply. You will have to hire a legitimate contractor that can redo the mess made the first time. What seemed like a money-saving opportunity can quickly become a financial nightmare.

Lawsuits for Injury Claims

If anyone gets hurt working on your home, there could be a lawsuit filed. The lack of business insurance on the part of the contractor can come back to bite the property owner. You are better off taking the time to find a legitimate licensed and insured contractor.

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