At What Stage Should You Tackle Windows in the Home Remodeling Process?

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When you decide to remodel your home, you probably have several projects going at once. Naturally, you can’t put up new drywall before you tackle plumbing and electrical components, since you’d have to tear it out and redo it again. However, it is less clear, perhaps, whether you should install flooring or paint walls first, or whether new siding should go in before buying new windows and installing them, just for example.

To some extent, the order of events in your remodeling process will depend largely on the projected work you’re having done, as well as your needs. However, if you’re trying to figure out where new windows fit into your larger remodeling plan, here are a few pointers for scheduling that could help you get things in order.

Interior vs. Exterior Upgrades

The timing of putting in windows may differ depending on whether you’re doing interior or exterior renovations, as well as the scope of your project. If, for example, you’re building an addition to your home, you’ll naturally need some framing and walls before windows can be installed – without these foundational pieces, your windows wouldn’t be very well protected. However, if you’re just replacing siding, you should definitely do the windows first, or ideally, at the same time. This ensures that there are no delays in the finishing work of arranging siding and framework around windows.

What if you’re just painting the house? In this case, it might be a good idea to paint first, sparing yourself the trouble of having to cover and tape windows. Once you’ve finished the spray process, you can replace windows before you start hand-painting window frames. After all, it would be silly to paint the frames and then remove the windows. If you don’t mind covering new windows, install them first so you can do all the painting at once.

As for interior renovations, the timing could depend on your projects. If you’re putting up drywall, for example, windows should certainly go in first. If you’re just replacing flooring, it might not matter as much where the window replacement falls on the schedule, but it should definitely be done prior to painting the walls.

Generally speaking, you’ll probably want to replace windows early on in any renovation project. This allows you to work around them without worrying about any damage you might cause to drywall or siding when they are removed and replaced. Again, it may depend on your project, as well as your current needs.

Ask the Pros

Whether you’re a DIY master when it comes to home renovation or you’re happy to hire interior designers, contractors, and other professionals to do the planning and execution for you, it’s always a good idea to speak with professionals about the best order of events when it comes to remodeling projects. When you purchase new Renewal by Andersen windows, for example, find out when is the best time to install them based on your current home upgrade project. The professionals who sell and/or install your new windows should be able to advise you based on the scope and timeline of your remodel.