Luxury Home Construction – Your Chance To Design Your Own House

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More and more people are choosing to design their own homes with the help of an architect as opposed to looking at what is available on the market and choosing a pre-existing already built property.

Along with this, luxury house building services are experiencing an increase in activity with many members of society (especially in more affluent households) deciding to have a custom made home built from scratch with a high end specification.

Two areas in particular in the United Kingdom where such an increase is being reported are Cheshire and Yorkshire with the demand for both Cheshire house-builders and Yorkshire house-builders increasing significantly. (Cheshire home builders can be found at this page and home builders in Yorkshire can be found here).

What are the reasons for such an increase in demand?

Firstly, in order to answer that question we have to explore the benefits of having a custom built property as opposed to buying a home that is already built.

These benefits include:

1) Typically the house will be larger than houses that are already built, meaning that there will be more space in the luxury, custom made home as opposed to having a house where the metrics and size of the property haven’t been agreed with the client prior to the construction of such a property.
2) A luxury house will have been designed from scratch with the use of an architect, with ideas coming from the client and these ideas being put into a building plan of the new build home, this generally means any features that have been asked for by the client will be included within the build and thus their house will be how they specified.
3) The value of a luxury or bespoke built property is typically high due to the fact they usually have customized features that you wouldn’t find in a more typical property, this can serve to drive up the value of the house, meaning that when it comes a time to sell the house not only will the house likely be easier to sell due to the range of bespoke and luxury features, but also the sale price will likely be driven upward by the appearance of the luxury features on the property.
4) Luxury house builders typically have experience in dealing with even the most awkward and laborious of requests, which is perfect for dealing with the type of individual that will be looking for high end building services.
5) Because the house is being designed from scratch, the possibilities are literally endless, meaning if you have always dreamed of having an indoor swimming pool, this may well be a possibility, always wanted a home cinema? With a deluxe property this dream can be realized.

Overall, with a new build luxury home, you can have it all, however the price will not be what you would expect to pay for the build of a more typical home, so you must first ensure you have a budget that can pay for such a project, which is why speaking at length with the building professionals and the architects is extremely important.

It is also recommended that you put aside an extra 10% of budget as a contingency in case there are unforeseen circumstances and further costs incurred. If this is not the case then you could easily save that money or use it to develop your property further, if there are unforeseen circumstances and a need for an additional budget, you have the money there ready, either way it is a good idea to have extra budget.