Putting Together Your Home Entertainment Room

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Home theaters have become all the rage in the last few years. The increasing availability of high-quality video and sound equipment have inspired many homeowners to turn a basement, bonus room, or other space into a private cinema, sometimes even right down to the chairs.

Chances are, you have a friend or relative with just such a setup, and their space has gotten you inspired to put together your own multimedia entertainment room in your house. But where do you start?

The Room

Of course, the first thing you need is a room. You may have a section of your basement that’s not committed. Or your home may be built with a tall attic that could accommodate some finishing.

Whatever space you choose, take some practical considerations. Make sure that there is electricity present, and that the circuits can handle the added demand of a TV, sound system, lights, and climate control. And of course, if you are thinking attic, you need a practical way to install stairs for access without wrecking the rest of the house.

The Content

Now that you have a place, what in the world are you going to watch? Many people simply like to view selections from their own collections of DVD’s and Blu-Rays, but there are other options as well.

Live TV will be a frequent choice. You may want to host a Grammys watch party or have friends over to watch the NCAA basketball championship. Whether it’s sports, a TV series, or movies that you have in mind, make sure you can get the signal. Many of the things you’ll want to watch are available on traditional TV networks. You could hook up an HD antenna, but for the full experience, you’re going to want a package from your provider like¬†DIRECTV local channels.

The Equipment

This is an area where you can really break the budget and end up spending so much that you can’t really enjoy your new entertainment space. Be smart. You really can get a nice space on a budget.

Prioritize what you really want to do. If you are watching a lot of music programming, a quality sound system will be important. If it’s sports you’re into, the need for extra-high video resolution will be the most important. Just think about what your plans are and then concentrate your spending in the areas that will give you the best results.

The Atmosphere

An entertainment room isn’t just about what you watch. It’s about the environment itself. Think about what kind of furniture and decorations you want. A sports room needs memorabilia on the walls, with big, squishy couches and chairs with end tables for snacks.

A music room should have posters of your favorite artists and lots of storage space for CD’s–and vinyl, if you have it. It probably also deserves some lava lamps or a mirror ball. And make sure you do some soundproofing so that you can contain your treasured tunes to the space where they are appreciated.

The days of gathering around a blurry old console TV to watch “the fights” or twisting a dial to tune in to the radio station “just right” are over. Entertainment of all kinds today is being enjoyed in rooms that enhance everyone’s ability to see, hear, and maybe even feel what they’re watching or listening to. The low cost of equipment and content is making it easier than ever to put in your own home entertainment room.