3 Types of Fan Every Homeowner should have

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Staying cool during the summer is one of our top priorities. That is the reason people buy the most suitable fans for them that help in keeping them cool and getting rid of the burning heat as much as possible. There are multiple types of cooling systems available in the markets, but three of the following fans are considered to be the preferable in most of the houses.


Almost everyone is familiar with a ceiling fan, and it is the most commonly used fan in houses these days. It is the type of fan which is suspended in the roof (ceiling) of the room. When someone turns its switch on, it begins rotating in either clockwise or anticlockwise direction. The blades of the ceiling fan rotate at an angle of 360 degrees.

The alternating current motor fan and the direct current motor fan are the two types of ceiling fans available in the market. The one with the DC motor can be rotated in both directions, i.e. clockwise and counter-clockwise. Normally it is in the oscillation mode in a counter-clockwise direction. It keeps the flow of the air in a downward direction. If it is set in a reverse mode, it makes the air to flow in the upward direction. In this way, such a Direct Current motor fan can be used in both the seasons, i.e. summers as well as winters. On the other hand, the AC motor fan only rotates in counter clockwise direction. However, the direction can be changed manually.


There is an adjustable stand that supports the blades of the pedestal fan. The height of the pedestal fan can be altered easily by adjusting a screw as required. Pedestal fan flows a significant amount of air; it does it with great speed. The pedestal fans that come up in the market these days have an improved technology, and they also have a remote control with them. The modern pedestal fans have a digital display. This feature makes these fans user-friendly to a greater extent. A pedestal fan covers a greater area, and the air flows in a wider area because it can oscillate in the same way as the tower fan does.

Whole House Fan:

A whole house fan can be used as a substitute for an air conditioner as it helps in cooling the whole of parliament. Some people combine these whole house fans along with the ceiling fans and other types of circulating fans. They can help you and all of your family members to stay comfortable and cool throughout the summer season even when there is a scorching heat out there. There are open windows in the fan from which the air is pulled inside and then it is exhausted through the roof as well as the attic.

Some other types of commonly used fans are Attic fans, bladeless fans, desk fans, tower fans, etc. All these fans have their specifications and use. You should choose the fan according to your requirements. While shopping online, I would suggest you check out websites like Atomberg, as they are trusted by many. You can buy ceiling fans from here, and also go through the specifications of different fans.