Mold Detection Kits: Get Accurate Results with These Tips

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Have you been told that you may have a mold issue in your home or workplace by a primary care doctor? If you are wondering what steps you need to take to investigate these claims and do something about it in the most inexpensive way possible, there is a solution. Namely, you can get a kit that will test your work or living space for mold. If mold is detected, professionals can help you get rid of it and restore your health. To learn more, read through our outline below. 

Why should I worry about mold problems?

If you have a pesky health problem in your respiratory system that does not seem to be clearing up with antibiotics over time, your doctor may suggest you have a mold problem in a space you inhabit frequently. In most situations, the mold is found in either the living space or the workplace. Thankfully, figuring out if either of these issues are causing your problems is much easier than expected. 

How do I figure out mold problems in my home or office?

When your home has a serious mold problem, you may worry that you are overreacting. However, according to OSHA, there are mold inspection kits provided by inspectors to home and business owners to find out if you have a severe problem. Often, these inexpensive mold detection kits are negative, and they are also easy to conduct. Once the kit is complete, the next step is to send it to an independent, third-party lab. If the results are positive, mold removal options (sometimes called mold abatement) can be employed by trained professionals. 

Who can help me use the mold kit correctly or remove mold from a property?

In some cases, homeowners are unable to fully test their living space for mold or they keep getting inconclusive results from the lab when they send in their results. In addition to having a reliable and accurate mold testing kit in the first place, a mold inspector Richmond VA specialist can help conduct the tests. Having a trained mold specialist collect samples for the testing kit may also be the best solution for someone that needs to test their workplace environment in a professional manner. 

The CDC points out that professional mold inspection in a workplace is often more thorough because mold can be hidden in unexpected places. Naturally, if you get positive test results back from the mold inspection kit laboratory, you will need professional assistance to safely and quickly remove black mold or other microorganisms. Unfortunately, mold can be found living in your walls, floors, ceilings or heating and cooling systems. 

How workplace mold removal differs

Getting sick from mold in your workplace is a serious issue that the government watches closely because it is a safety hazard. For this reason, in the workplace, removal of mold will need the help of your boss as well as the property owner. While most mold is found in the usual places, there are certain types of construction that tend to harbor mold more than others. In larger buildings, mold may also be related to city repairs or other highly structured systems that will need professional legal assistance to remedy.