3 Signs that Mice are in your home

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When considering things that cause the most concern for families, one of them is going to be different tests that are scary. Many people have great fears of spiders and mice. These are two of the most common pests that live inside of people’s home. You need to be aware of the signs of mice that are living in your home. If you can catch a science early, you can avoid having an infestation inside of your home. Here are three signs that you should watch for inside of your home when mice are taking over.

Bad Smells

Many people do not realize that they have an infestation of mice until they noticed a horrible stench. When mice are living inside of your home, they are often dying inside of your home as well. When I Mouse size at least a horrible smell that you were going to smell throughout your house. If you start to notice a sour smell in your home, that you can’t locate what it may be coming from, it is likely that you have in your home that has died. If you start to notice these smells often you need to contact a Salem pest control company.

Scratching Noises

Myself to get inside of your home one way or another. One of the most common ways and mice make their way into your home is inside of your walls.  But there are small openings on your wall it’s very likely that the mice are going to make their way into them. It’s hard to notice mice when they’re inside of your walls because you don’t see them.


However, the mice are trapped inside of your wall they are going to make a scratching noise. They are going to try and attempt to get them self out of the wall and to do so they are going to scratch. Not only are they going to scratch your wall, they are also going to be running through your walls. If you listen closely at night you will hear little feet running through walls. If you are hearing this you need to contact a pest control company.


One of the most common signs that people notice when they have a mouse problem is dropping throughout their home. Because mice have very poor control of their bladder they are going to leave droppings all over your home. If you start to notice small brown specks behind your furniture, it is likely that it is mouse droppings.  You need to be very careful not to touch or come into contact with the droppings. You should clean up the droppings using gloves and a mask and be sure that you disinfect around the area. If you start to notice more droppings, it is likely that you have an infestation and it’s more than one Mouse in your house. You need to contact a pest control company for them to come and address the situation and be sure to remove the pest forever.