Affordable Ways to Use Granite

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Are you looking to update your home using granite? You may be a little bit concerned about the price of granite. All Granite is a more expensive surface and says linoleum, there are still ways that you can use Granite inside of your home that are affordable and will make a big statement. We are here to share with you some affordable ways to use granite inside of your home without breaking the bank.

Fireplace Mantle

One of the areas that you spend the most time looking at in your home is your fireplace. The fireplace really can become the heart of your home and the many great conversations happen around it. What about if you use the granite to surround your mantle of your fireplace? Many people use Granite around their fireplace because it can handle high levels of he without any damage. Also, because you can use scraps left over from other people’s jobs it is Affordable to use Granite around your mantle of the fireplace.

Bathroom Vanities

After visiting a company that supplies St. Louis Granite we learned that the expensive aspects of granite come with happened to purchase an entire slab. Slabs of granite or large and are what are used for most kitchen projects. However, when the kitchen is finished there are usually small scraps of granite that are left over.


If you consider how large the vanity surface is in your spare bathroom you probably will remember that it’s not very big. Because granite countertop Companies make their money by installing large granite slabs in people’s home, they want to liquidate the scraps as quickly as they can. You can purchase a small slab of granite for your home at an affordable price to use in your bathroom. Using the stone in your bathroom will really update the surface, but not break the bank.


Another option to consider is to use Granite as a title. You can purchase the small scraps of granite for relatively affordable prices. You can use the small scraps as tile for small projects. Many people will do a small backsplash out of the leftover Granite pieces. You can also do tile that is actually Granite on your countertop surfaces. There are many different options that you can consider when you are looking to use small pieces of granite that are left over from other peoples large jobs.

Being creative with how you can implement scraps of granite into your home will allow you to update your home with the look of granite that you were looking for. We understand your concerns about the costs of granite. However, there are so many options that you should consider in order to add a small amount of granite to your home that is sure to make a statement.