Getting Rid of Spiders around Your Christmas tree

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Christmas is a time of the year that children look forward to for many months. Often, there countdown starts in October as soon as Halloween has come and gone. Children love Christmas for many reasons but one of them is definitely the fun decor that fills their homes. There is something special about watching tv next to a festive, wonderfully smelling Christmas tree. However, there is something else that most children feel oppositely towards, spiders.

While Christmas trees are very pretty and smell nice, there is also a good chance that the fresh tree is going to attract spiders to your home. There is also a good chance that there are already spiders living inside of the tree when you brought it home. There are a few things that you can do to keep spiders away from your Christmas tree so you can enjoy the pretty lights for the entire season without having to deal with the influx of spiders inside of your home.

Essential Oils

Spiders are picky little creatures. There are many smells that they despise and will do almost anything to avoid. One idea that you could implement to keep spiders from swarming your tree is scenting it with some of the smells that detract spiders.

Spiders do not like the smell of Eucalyptus. Since it is an essential oil, it is safe for your family and it will accentuate the smell of your fresh tree. Take some warm water and mix a couple of drops of Eucalyptus oil into a spray bottle and spray your tree with the water. The spiders should leave your tree alone.


Another scent, cinnamon is one of most people’s favorite holiday smells. Cinnamon is an easy spice to incorporate into your home during the holiday season. Essential oils sprayed onto your tree is a great way to keep the spiders from making webs in your tree, but it will only keep them from the tree. Because we like the smell of cinnamon and spiders do not, you can use it throughout your home to make spiders want to find a new home.

There are lots of different ways to incorporate cinnamon in the winter. There are cinnamon candles, poperie, and even warm drinks that make your home smell of cinnamon. You can also mix up a solution that has cinnamon in it and spray it around your doors to help detract spiders from entering your home.

Call a Pest Control Company

These are all small, fun ideas that you can use to try and get rid of the spiders inside of your home. However, the only way to really get rid of all of the spiders inside of your home is to call a Delaware pest control company. You may be able to handle a few spiders on your own, but if your home has become filled with spiders you will need to contact a pest control company to come in and address the spider situation and use chemicals to remove them from your home.