Having Control when Home Services are Necessary

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There are certain items we have for our home that are necessary to our well-being.

These items satisfy one item (or a few) on the hierarchy of needs – which include:

·  Psychological
·  Safety
·  Social belonging
·  Esteem
·  Self-actualization
·  Self-transcendence

Unfortunately, there aren’t many options with the service providers and manufacturers. Look no further than this infographic titled “The Illusion of Choice”. It outlines the major brands that own & operate most consumer goods and services.

Yet, that’s not to say we don’t have a choice within the choice.
There is some semblance of control when we do our due diligence.

The Necessary Products & Services

Consider your lifestyle and daily routine – within it are many products and services that are so ingrained that you’d often feel lost without them.

Good comprised as:

·  Private
·  Common-pool
·  Club
·  Public

A simple example is a cell phone as this is an item which satisfies needs like social belonging, esteem, self-actualization, psychology, and even safety. A home security system is another as it provides… security.

These are all minute items that have a substantial impact on our livelihood.

It goes on with items like an Internet connection, vehicle, food, water, medications, and more. It’s why many argue for them to become utilities or part of a universal basic income/insurance.

Control within the Choices

Due diligence plays an important role when choosing the provider of these necessities. Yes, behind it all are big conglomerates though it doesn’t mean you have to (or should) accept offers at face value.

Let’s use the example of Home security.

There are many service providers within this industry – all that aim to provide the same service of protecting your home and family. The deciding factors are often based on A) pricing, B) brand authority, C) familiarity, and D) features & benefits.

You could, in effect, use the Web to see ADT package details to collect and note the service details then use comparison shopping to find alternatives; cycling back to reaffirm your choices before buying.

This is applicable for any product or service.

It’s this:

·  Resisting the urge to buy based on an emotional response
·  Allowing a “cool down” period so you’re focused on features

When items are a necessity – you can be sure the marketing department is pushing on those pain points to create a strong response.

Seeing through the Marketing Tricks

Let’s play Devil’s advocate with marketing:

·  On one hand: It creates awareness for products and services
·  On the other: It’s used to influence (often against best interests)

It’s difficult to conduct due diligence if you’re unaware of the options. In this case, marketing is triumphant in its purpose because you now have an alternative for these necessary items.

Though, these same advertisements and marketing materials could prod the inherent needs of an individual. The prod makes them likely to base their decision on an emotional response (which is often fanatical) versus taking time to understand its value and measure its worth for them and their family.

Again, let’s use home security: “Your home is in danger!”

It causes an immediate image of harm aimed at you, your family, and the belongings. It also creates urgency and before you know it… you’re locked into a contract.

By showing resilience and allowing yourself to “cool down”, you could apply your knowledge of comparison shopping and due diligence to find an appropriate option (not just for home security but for any product or service).

The Moral to this All

Still there? Good.

If you want to keep more of your money, then you need to take the time to do your research. There may not be many choices when it comes to the necessities, but you still have options. Shop around, stay logical, and find the ones that are appropriate for your budget and lifestyle.