Keep Calm and Move Out. Tips and Tricks to Ease the Process of a Major Move

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Relocating is always a stressful time, what with organising the new property, making sure the old one is left in a tidy state, and not forgetting to transport the entire contents of your home to the new residence. And to make matters worse, there is usually a tight deadline to complete the operation, which just makes the whole thing more stressful. If you are about to endure this experience, here are some tips to help make the move go smoothly.

Hire a Skip

It is only when we move house that we realise just how much junk we have accumulated over the years, most of which will not be going to the new abode, and by hiring a skip, you remove everything that is no longer wanted and deposit it in the skip, which will be collected when you are ready. With a range of sizes from 2m³ right up to 12m³, there will be something just right. You might think it unnecessary to hire a skip, after all, there can’t be that much to throw away, can there? Actually, the average family household could easily fill a medium sized skip with things that are no longer required. If you are in Western Australia, and desperately looking for skip bin hire in Perth, you couldn’t do better than to hire West Bin today, and they will have a unit to you in no time at all.

Pack and Prepare

Once you have separated what is going and what is not, the packing can begin. Use solid boxes, as these can be stacked on top of each other without damaging the contents. If you are using a remover, they will have a packing service if you don’t fancy the task, and with their many years of experience in the business, there isn’t anything they can’t handle. It is very important to have clear labels on the side of the boxes, as this will make identification much easier when you come to unpack. When you are unloading from the truck, one look at the label will tell you which room the box should be put in, saving a lot of time and energy.


This is essential if you want a stress free move, and you can begin by making two separate lists, one for the home you are vacating, and the other for the new dwelling. Then make a third for transportation, and you can begin to list things that need to be done, and gradually, you will have a solid plan of action and nothing will have gone unnoticed. Things that need to be attended to, would include the turning off and on of essential services, cleaning and inspection of the old house, and a thorough check in the new residence well before the day of the move.

Moving house doesn’t have to be a nightmare experience, in fact, with a little planning and preparation, it can be quite a pleasant transition from old to new.