Practical Solutions for Home Security

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The fear of being a victim of crime is one that we all share. We all worry about the possibility of a criminal coming into our homes and stealing the things we’ve worked so hard to get, or worse yet, hurting a member of our family. Yet the steps that are necessary to keep these criminals out can sometimes be so restrictive to us that we feel more like we’re keeping ourselves in instead of keeping them out. Yes, your home is your castle, but it doesn’t have to look like one.

Finding a way to feel secure without feeling like a prisoner in our own homes is difficult, but it can be done. It’s all about building a comprehensive strategy that addresses all the vulnerabilities in your home without fortifying it.


Set It and Forget It

The first thing you should think about as you look at options for home security is the level of effort required for you to use it. Nobody wants a long list of passcodes or a ring full of keys. They want to try to keep their lives as simple and uncluttered as possible. After all, the less you think about your security plan, the less you’ll feel like you’re trapped by it.

Focus on strategies that you can set up and forget about. Don’t stop with alarms or surveillance systems that will help you stop or catch burglars after they successfully enter your home. Instead, focus on prevention. Think about deterrents that will cause a thief to think twice before choosing your house. Whether the thief is scared away before or after entering, you lose no belongings, but those who do get inside will break windows and damage doors that will prove costly and inconvenient. Make your security plan work for you so that you don’t spend your time fretting over it.


Make It Unique

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to go with all store-bought solutions (other than the security system itself). For a while, everyone thought they were clever to hide a spare key inside a fake rock. Before long, the burglars knew to look for fake rocks. Then it was fake dogpiles (yes, fake dogpiles) that worked for a little while, then became too obvious as well.

You get the idea. Focus on your own ideas for security. Choose security codes carefully. Forget 12345 and instead use something that few people know but that you know you’ll never forget, such as a combination of your kids’ sports jersey numbers, or an important date in your life. Look at the unique features of your home and cook up your own ideas for how to conceal motion detectors, cameras, and so forth, instead of counting on the installer to use the same tricks he used on the last 20 houses.


Blend It In

Sometimes the most unpleasant part of security features is that they look so…secure. Bars over windows, high fences, and bright lights will do the job, but nobody wants their home to look like San Quentin. Most people prefer things that are a little less obtrusive.

Not every strategy for security has to be gaudy or bulky. It doesn’t even have to be artificial. Landscaping is a great example. Keeping limbs trimmed back makes it more difficult for burglars to approach the home undetected. Bulky, thorny bushes near low windows can make the challenge of entry too difficult. Well-placed trees can keep thieves from getting vehicles close to the house, making it harder for them to carry stolen belongings away.

Home security is very important to all of us. We want to feel confident that our belongings and our families are safe and secure, and we don’t want to make it so tacky or obvious that it ruins the homelike feel that we work so hard to establish. With a carefully planned strategy for home protection, you can achieve both of those goals.