Top Uses for Affordable Self-Storage in Montreal

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If you live in Montreal, you may have seen ads or heard about the availability of self-storage services in the city. Companies that offer affordable self-storage in Montreal like Mini Dauphin are doing pretty well these days, and if you live in the area you may find yourself using them too.

Here are some of the most common situations that make self-storage units useful and even necessary:

  1. You’re moving to Montreal. More and more people are choosing to relocate to Canada these days, as it seems like a more congenial country for immigrants. Montreal is especially popular, as the rent is cheaper, lots of festivals, and the foodie scene is fantastic.

So when you make the move, you may want to get your things ready by putting them in a self-storage unit first. You can then pick and choose which of your things you will want to bring to your new home.

  1. You’re selling your property. If this is the case, then you need to get your things out so that potential buyers can check your property and be able to imagine it with their own furniture. Getting your things out of the house can make it look more spacious, clean and organized.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you’re leaving Montreal altogether. You can move to any other house in the city, or even to a condo. If that’s the case, you can leave your stuff in storage until you find a place and maybe even keep some stuff there that you may not need in the immediate future

  1. You need a secure place for your high value items. Sometimes your home may not be secure enough, so you may not have peace of mind storing your valuable paintings and antiques in your attic. Rodents can be a particularly nasty hazard you don’t want to risk, and of course there are thieves to consider too.

But a good self-storage company can offer ample security for your things in your units. Often, there are lots of cameras and security people, and the locks are topnotch. Also, these places tend to have very effective measures against rodents and other pests.

  1. You’re going on vacation and you need a storage space for your car. Lots of people don’t have a secure parking space for their cars, so a self-storage unit can be very useful.

Just make sure to fill up the gas tank, and then put some gas stabilizer in to preserve the fuel system. Make sure the oil is new, disconnect the battery, and use tire jacks to keep the weight off the tires. Clean the car inside and out before you leave it for an extended period.

  1. You have documents and books that you can’t bear to part with. Having lots of books (real ones, not the ebooks) in your home is great. What’s not great is the amount of space you’ll need if you’re a book collector. What’s more, they’re a fire hazard, and they can be very tempting for rodents and termites. By putting them in a self-storage unit, you can keep your books safe while you enjoy more space at home. You can just keep your newest books and your favorites on your bookshelves.
  2. It’s great for storing seasonal stuff. Why cramp up your attic with Christmas décor when you can just put them in a self-storage unit instead? The expenses aren’t all that much, and they sure beat having to buy new Christmas lights and decorations every year.

These are just some of the most common uses of affordable self-storage in Montreal.