Why Home Security Is More Than an Alarm System

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Home security is about more than the alarm system. Any alarm system can be circumvented without it being the fault of the one who makes the system. The easiest way to get through an alarm system is to knock on the door and wait for someone to open it. A burglar can follow a victim into the home and force them to disarm the system. A good phishing campaign can trick a person into giving up their system code.

That said, home security still begins with a good security system. Because of higher rates of crime in the region than in many other places, companies that specialize in ADT in Oakland and other high-crime cities know what it takes to put together a total home security system. They can also tell you that being safe at home involves more than locking the doors and arming the system.

That is the obvious thing. And it should not be overlooked. But beyond the alarm system is a whole other level of best practices to keep you and your family safe at home. There are the things about which we need to be reminded. Here are a few tips beyond the obvious that will help keep the family safe even if you forget to arm the system:

Keep It Practical

Sometimes we get so caught up in techie solutions that we forget to do the basic things that are more practical in nature. But it is a mistake to place too much confidence in the computerized measures. So be sure to add the practical solutions for home security. And don’t put too much faith in any one thing.

Make a nightly routine that includes checking all the doors and windows, making sure the outside lights are working and keeping a charged phone by your bed in case you need to make an emergency call. Safety is not a thing you do. It is a practical aspect of the way you live.

Light It Up

Criminals hate the light. If there are convenient shadows, they will lurk in them. The one thing they hate more than light is an occupied house. Most burglaries happen during the day when there is plenty of light. But the houses are vacant when the kids are in school and the parents are at work. People who go on vacation leave vacant homes that are also tempting targets.

So one of the most practical things you can do to make your home a less tempting target is to light it up inside and out. The outside lights make your home less tempting at night. Inside lights make your home less tempting during the day. If the burglar is convinced, or even confused into thinking someone is home, they are more likely to give your home a pass in search of easier targets.

That does not mean you have to leave every light on in the house all the time. You can get smart lights, or regular lights and smart plugs. The idea is that you can manually turn on your lights from just about anywhere in the world. Better yet, you can have them turn on and off via automation. If the calculus is about saving energy and saving your family, light it up.

Stop Oversharing

The easiest way for a burglar to case your house is to follow you on social media and wait for you to tell her when you will be away and where you will be. Stop sharing your location with the world. Being the mayor of Big Belly Burger is not worth leaving your home vulnerable.

Also (and this will be hard), stop sharing vacation photos while you are on vacation. By all means, curate them. Edit them. But don’t actually share them until you return from vacation. The time to tell your friends about your vacation plans is when it is over and you are home safe and sound. Your offline friends should know. But social media can wait.

Home security starts with a good home security system. Beyond that, there are practical lifestyle safety measures, lights and more lights, and learning when to share and not to share.