7 Tips to Expand your Small Boring Patio to a Big Elegant One

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It might have looked great at the beginning, after all, it is a new living space for the family, but after a while, you begin to realise that you should have made it larger, and curse yourself for not realising this at the planning stage. Fear not, your nice, but small patio can easily be enlarged, and you won’t have to compromise on the unique ambience you managed to create.

  1. Survey the Area – Before deciding to expand the terrace, look at the space options on the three available elevations. It might be better to extend outwards, especially if you have a large garden, or perhaps add a section to run parallel with the house. This can allow for several access points, especially is the terrace is extended to include a corner of the building.
  1. Think Budget – Extending doesn’t just involve creating a larger floor area, it also means more furniture and perhaps another awning, so don’t forget to factor everything into the budget. It wouldn’t be out of reach to have an elegant alfresco in Perth, or anywhere else for that matter, as modern companies are very competitive.
  1. Consider Split Level – Often the garden area is uneven, and while the existing terrace is fine, any attempt at enlargement will involve some grading and levelling. If this is the case, rather than hiring expensive excavators and tipper trucks, have a split level patio, with a nice set of steps or two, you add some character to the terrace. It may even be possible to have the central area on one level, with a lower level either side, which gives a balanced look.
  1. Talk to the Experts – This should be the first thing you do, after your budget has been decided, and with their expert knowledge, they can present you with a number of options, each giving you more terrace space. Modern patio constructors provide a very personalised service, and customising is the name of the game. Invite a good company to visit and survey the possibilities, and if you happen to be in Western Australia, consider affordable al fresco in Perth by Platinum Outdoors, who customise all types of designs, all at affordable prices.
  1. Consider the Terrain – It might be that the surrounding areas are much lower than the house, and you have already managed to build a level platform with your existing patio. It isn’t that hard to bring in a few cubic metres of earth and build up the surrounds. Too much earth, or not enough, these are both scenarios that are easy to overcome. Of course, one has to consider drainage and utilities.

The benefits you will receive by expanding the terraced area will far outweigh the cost, and with the right design, you will create the perfect al fresco area for you and your family. Make sure you use the right company, one that has a solid reputation in the area, and the extended living space will be an investment.